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Prometheus Global - Securing the Network, Unlocking the Possibilities
Our Approach

Prometheus Global's approach to Information Security takes a holistic view of policy, process and technology and addresses the whole as a single entity. Much as a doctor uses various quantitative and qualitative methods to reach a diagnosis, Prometheus Global's experts does not assess security as a binary state, a collection of products, a policy deck, nor as a series of SOPs.  Instead, Prometheus Global sees Information Security as an environment in which technology, people and governance come together to define and support the organization's overall risk management strategy.


Network Security

Maintaining a secure network environment is a continuous cycle that is accomplished through a series of processes, not just installing the latest technology, firewall, or system patch.  By providing the highest quality network services, Prometheus Global and their clients partner to identify, assess, and implement effective long-term security measures. Utilizing our proven methodology - Secure Path, Prometheus Global assists organizations in defining processes for analyzing risks, determining reasonable measures to mitigate those risks, and implementing specific procedures to maintain the security posture of the enterprise.


The Security Wheel

The Secure Path methodology is a cyclical series of steps intended to serve as a road map to maintain the security posture of our clients. New vulnerabilities and risks appear daily and organizations need to make a security process part of their best business practices and a regular component of their operational requirements. The Secure Path methodology breaks down into various steps that, when repeated on a regular basis, will facilitate continuous improvement of the security posture within your organization.


Software Security

Prometheus Global understands that we live in a world where information systems play an important role in virtually everything we do, and it is important that those systems run smoothly. Prometheus Global believes that while it is never too late to implement security solutions for your existing systems, it is also never too soon to start planning for security. Security measures are quite simply more robust, manageable, and cost-effective when they are implemented at the ground level of system and software development.

Prometheus Global specializes in comprehensive network and software architectures designed to address the challenges of the new information economy. For instance, some of these challenges can be changing network topologies, mixed computing environments, and the ever-increasing prevalence of Internet-based commerce. Using comprehensive tool-based design and software management principles, Prometheus Global can help you build or remodel your software so that it meets your and your customer's security needs.

Understanding that people, as much as computers figure prominently in any security solution, we work with you to develop and manage your software to ensure that your security and user needs are met and neither are sacrificed for the other. In short, by looking at security as a fundamental design element in your software rather than a retrofit solution, we allow you to spend your money on peace of mind instead of damage control.


Legacy Applications

Prometheus Global understands the unique security implications surrounding the support of legacy applications and systems. We have pioneered solutions designed to protect older, insecure applications without modification to the operating system, codebase or operating environment. Our Virtual Patching and web application firewall (WAF) solutions perform 'pre-validation' of incoming data and allow you to prevent unauthorized or non-legitimate traffic to your older systems.