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Secure Design Review

Critical data can be found on today's networks than what could be found 10 years, five years, or even one year ago. However, many organizations still rely on legacy architectures with only minor enhancements. What formerly was a simple, low-end webserver/database architecture may have evolved into a multi-tier business critical application. Has the architecture been upgraded? Does your middleware reside on the same server as the database? Is the application secure? Is the data protected? A Security Design Review can help you answer these questions.

A Security Design Review (SDR) is an in-depth analysis of your organization's major systems with an eye to overall system security and engineering best practices. In performing an SDR,  Prometheus Global's security engineers draw upon decades of experience in designing, integrating and maintaining secure systems to determine the best architecture possible to safeguard your systems and the critical data they carry.

Perhaps you know that you have a need for integrating an Intrusion Prevention System into your network, but you do not know how to accomplish your technical goals. For example, maybe you wish to untangle the spiderweb of legacy networks and applications in your organization. Perhaps you have merged with another organization and need guidance on the best way to integrate the two systems, without compromising security.  Prometheus Global can draw on its experience with a wide range of technologies and security practices to determine what solution is most appropriate for your organization.

Whether your enterprise needs a complete information infrastructure or a revision of its current systems, an SDR performed by Prometheus Global can provide your organization with an infrastructure that is appropriate for everything from daily communications to your most sensitive proprietary data. The Prometheus Global approach to enterprise-wide security involves not only technologies such as firewalls, authentication systems, virtual private networks, encryption, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), but also human practices, policies and procedures. Prometheus Global can help inform members of your organization of the best practices to use to avoid compromising the security of your organization.