Thursday, 08 May 2014 14:19

Chantilly, VA / May 6, 2014: Prometheus Global Corporation, a full-service Information Security and Information Assurance consulting provider, is proud to announce that it has been awarded an Information Technology Schedule 70 (IT70) contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement arm of the Federal government. This five-year contract allows for Federal customers to directly purchase Prometheus Global's highly sought-after services.

Thursday, 01 November 2012 00:00

Chantilly, Virginia - November 1st, 2012 - Prometheus Global, as part of the Mar Team, is pleased to announce that it was awarded the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II) Contract.  Prometheus Global will perform services under the DHS Eagle II contract’s unrestricted track of Functional Category 3, Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation (IV&V).

Monday, 02 January 2012 00:00

Chantilly, Virginia - January 1st, 2012 - Prometheus Global was awarded a subcontract by CACI International to support the Quick Reaction Capability .  The first task is to support the Vigilant Pursuit (VP) Program.  VP is a Quick Reaction Capability system that is helping lead the effort to identify foes for Global Contingencies (GC) Operations.

Sunday, 17 October 2010 11:37

Osnabrück, Germany and Chantilly, Virginia - October 18, 2010 - Greenbone Networks GmbH, the leading provider of open source vulnerability management solutions, and Prometheus Global, Inc., today announced the availability of Greenbone Security Solutions in North America.

As Greenbone Networks first OEM partner in North America, Prometheus Global will bring the expertise required to integrate the Greenbone product line with the unique needs of the Federal, and Commercial customers in the United States and Canada.

The Greenbone technology is uniquely positioned for the enterprise security market as the only end to end fully open source vulnerability management platform. For US civilian and defense agencies seeking to expand their vulnerability management capabilities, the Greenbone product is an ideal solution to allow customers to quickly establish new vulnerability management programs, or improve existing ones.

"This partnership with Greenbone will allow us to leverage our existing open source security technology portfolio to expand vulnerability management programs to our federal and private sector clients." says Michael Shinn, CEO of Prometheus Global. "With Prometheus Global Inc. we found a US-based company skilled in building innovative security solutions and experienced with the needs of North American security consumers. This is a perfect match for our vulnerability management technologies." adds Jan-Oliver Wagner of Greenbone Networks.

For more information on Greenbone Security Solutions please visit:

About Greenbone
Greenbone Networks delivers a vulnerability analysis solution for enterprise IT which includes reporting and security change management. The essence of our solutions is transparency. We leverage the dynamic organizational processes of the Free Software approach on professional grounds, staying connected to the roots. We add a comprehensive quality assurance process for our customers and are particularly concerned with providing a verifiable product rather than a black box. The company was founded in 2008 by leading experts in the field of network security and Free Software. Our goal is to engineer products and concepts able to cope with the present and future challenges of preventing successful attacks to your network. We especially focus on the precautionary measures because it is most risk/cost efficient to detect network vulnerability earlier than attackers do. Greenbone is a privately owned company located in Osnabrück, Germany.

About Prometheus Global
Prometheus Global is an established leader in security services and research, offering our clients a valuable suite of products and services to meet their business IT needs and to ensure the security of their organizations. Providing strategic consulting, advisory services, training, and implementation, our professionals offer the experience and expertise to identify potential vulnerabilities that organizations face and recommend effective long-term security measures. Founded in 2002 Prometheus Global is a specialized provider of innovative product and service solutions for computer security issues. Possessing unmatched expertise gained from military, federal and commercial backgrounds, the Prometheus Global team advanced their technical skills and methods at the White House, Department of Defense, the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, Cisco Systems, Bell Atlantic and the Wheel Group amongst others.

Contact info

Greenbone Networks GmbH
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49074 Osnabrück
phone +49-541-335084-0
fax +49-541-335084-99
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Prometheus Global, Inc.
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Monday, 09 August 2010 12:05

We are proud to announce the latest release of Atomic Secured Linux (ASL), Version 2.2.10, by our subsidiary company Atomicorp.  ASL is the latest in unified threat management for your Linux based systems.

Monday, 09 August 2010 12:05

We are proud to announce the release of  Atomic Secured Linux (ASL), Version 3.0, the latest in unified threat management for your Linux based systems, by our subsidiary company Atomicorp.  ASL is the latest in unified threat management for your Linux based systems.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:15

Prometheus Global is proud to announce the release of Atomic Secured Linux 2.2, the latest version of our cutting-edge Unified Security solution for servers.