Monday, 09 August 2010 12:05

We are proud to announce the release of  Atomic Secured Linux (ASL), Version 3.0, the latest in unified threat management for your Linux based systems, by our subsidiary company Atomicorp.  ASL is the latest in unified threat management for your Linux based systems.

Atomic Secured Linux(tm) is an out-of-the-box, easy to install and manage Unified Security Suite for Linux(tm) systems.  ASL is designed to protect your servers against both known and unknown threats.  Unlike other security solutions, ASL works by combining security at all layers, from the Kernel all the way up to the application layer to provide the most complete protection available for Linux servers available today!

Secure your servers now with ASL at
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ASL helps secure your system, and also helps to ensure that your system is compliant with commercial and government security standards such as PCI-DSS and others. ASL includes the industry leading Web Application Firewall and pre-tuned rules, Host based Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), the most hardened kernel on the market, automated system hardening techniques, realtime malware/rootkit detection and elimination, blacklisting technologies and other technologies to protect multiuser and web application hosting environments unlike no other solution.


ASL is uniquely effective at addressing emerging threats posed by vulnerabilities in todays complex systems and applications, such as web hosting environments, multiuser systems, CRM's, ERPs, forums, shopping carts, Content Management systems and custom applications.


3.0 is a major update to ASL, and includes numerous new features some of which are listed below. You can read about all the changes in 3.0 at this URL:


New Features in 3.0:



New ASL Dashboard consolidates Attack & Event summary, Module Status, Load monitor and RSS feed.


New operating systems supported:


  • Cloudlinux 5

  • Scientific Linux 5 & 6

  • CentOS 6

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

  • Xen virtualization (as a guest OS)


New control panels supported:


  • CPanel

  • Directadmin

  • Interworx


New online documentation system:


  • All ASL Web, rule ID's are now linked to their documentation page.

  • This will allow you to click on the event ID to find out more about what this event is, what causes this event to occur, and what actions, if any, you may need to take. For example, if the Web Application Firewall event 340162 is triggered, you can click on “340162” in the GUI and you will be able to read more about that type of attack, how to tune your system if its a false positive and so much more!


Firewall Rule Management System:


  • An advanced rule management system that will important your existing rules into a powerful web based interface

  • Use with, or without third party firewalls. All your firewalling needs can now be addressed from ASL.

  • Works with existing firewalls, no need to replace what you already using


HIDS (Host Based Intrusion Detection) Rule Manager:


  • Modify the Active Response policy globally or per rule

  • Change Severity Level per rule

  • Activate/Deactivate Logging per rule

  • Enable/Disable Email alerts per rule


WAF (Web Application Firewall) Rule Manager:


  • Rules can be enabled/disabled globally or by virtual domain.

  • Rules can be set to different severity levels,

  • Rules can have their base response policy elements modified to include shunning, email alerts, and logging.


Intelligent Repeat Offender blocking:

    ASL will intelligently modify block times based on the recurrence of attacks from a particular source. This will allow your system to treat “one time” offenders differently from repeat attackers, properly blocking real malicious users from launches new attacks.


New File Integrity management system:


  • Web based GUI Interface that allows for list or tree view sorting.

  • "Notify" lists, this allows notifications to be sent to different email addresses for change alerts to different files.

  • "Watch" configuration, allows for the definition of what files or directories the system will monitor for changes. Configuration options allow for real-time monitoring, user/group ownership changes, permissions, checksum, and diff reporting. Diff reporting will include the changes made to the file in the body of the alert message for ascii files.

  • "Ignore" lists, allows for files or directories to be explicitly ignored from monitoring.


Event Manager enhancements:


  • Lists source of events, for multi agent configurations

  • Allows for searching for any string in the data field

  • Ties directly into the rule manager

  • Supports False Positve & False Negative reporting


New Report Generation System:


  • Failed logins in the last 24 hours, 72 hours, and 30 days

  • Top Stats; Events by Level, Alerts in the last 24 hours, and Top alerts in the full history

  • Top Web Attackers in the last 24 hours, and the total number of attacks in the last 7 days


ASL Web User Manager:


  • Role Based Access control for ASL Web Users

  • Audits logins by ASL Web users

  • Role Manager allows for setting what components an ASL Web user can have access to. Including View Only and Modify options


New kernel policy manager:


  • Trusted Path Execution

  • Enable/Disable Privileged IO

  • Audit Mount, Chdir, Ptrace, and Text relocation events

  • Control Chroot permissions on chmod, chroot, fchdir, capabilities, mknod, mount, sysctl, nice and findtask

  • Audit exec() events inside a chroot

  • Audit exec() activity by userid

  • Control "Server" class users, users in this group can only act as servers (IE: no outbound connections allowed)

  • Control "Client" class users, users in this grop can only access as clients (IE: cannot create services for inbound connections)

  • Control "Socket" class users, users in this group can act as neither clients nor servers.


New attack detection and prevention features:


  • New Web “slow” DOS protection added

  • New brute force detection and protection system added


New Application Inventory system thats faster and quicker.


Release Notes:



To Upgrade, click here.



If you don't have ASL, get the latest version of ASL by visiting the Atomicorp website, and Secure Your Server Now!