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Prometheus Global - Securing the Network, Unlocking the Possibilities

Every organization has unique security needs. The ability to recognize those needs and design an appropriate custom architecture differentiates Prometheus Global from companies that take a paint-by-numbers approach to the design of information security systems. When designing and building a custom security architecture, Prometheus Global engineers consider many factors, such as cost, the size of your organization, and the degree to which your employees will be accessing your corporate network remotely.

A Security Design, Architecture and Implementation (SDAI) is Prometheus Global answer to your security architecture needs. Prometheus Global can design your organization's information infrastructure from the ground up, or we can improve an existing information infrastructure. Further, an SDAI may be limited in scope to specific technologies you request. For example, an SDAI may involve integrating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a firewall with your existing information infrastructure.

An SDAI proceeds in several steps. First, a senior engineer from Prometheus Global determines the scope of the SDAI through discussions with technical and/or non-technical representatives of your company. Then, engineers from Prometheus Global evaluate your current information infrastructure. Depending on the scope of the SDAI to be performed, a Security Posture Assessment (SPA) may need to be performed to complete a thorough evaluation. With an understanding of the goals of your company, and your company's information systems, Prometheus Global engineers utilize an extensive knowledge of security technologies and practices to determine the optimal security architecture for your company. With a well-designed architecture, Prometheus Global can then implement the new security architecture. The final step of an SDAI is to test the new architecture to ensure that it meets the initial design requirements.

The following examples illustrate the range of services that can be performed during an SDAI:

Building a Virtual Private Network: You may have very specific technological requirements for your VPN solution. However, designing and building elements to cleanly integrate with your existing information infrastructure is a complex task. Detailed technical requirements provide both direction and constraints. Prometheus Global security engineers possess many years of experience building security solutions in highly constrained environments. No matter how highly specified your needs may be, Prometheus Global can design and build a system that meets your needs.

Integrating an Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention system into your Network: Perhaps you know that you have a need, but you do not know how to accomplish your technical goals. Prometheus Global can draw on its experience with a wide range of technologies and security practices to determine what solution is most appropriate for your organization.

Designing Enterprise-wide Security: More data, and more critical data, can be found on today's corporate networks than could be found 10 years, five years, or even one year ago. However, many corporations still rely on legacy architectures with minor enhancements. Whether your enterprise needs a complete information infrastructure, or a revision of its current systems, an SDAI performed by Prometheus Global can provide your organization with an infrastructure that is appropriate for everything from daily communications to your most sensitive proprietary data. Prometheus Global's approach to enterprise-wide security involves not only technologies such as firewalls, authentication systems, virtual private networks, encryption, intrusion detection systems, and public key system, but also human practices. Prometheus Global can help inform members of your organization of the best practices to use to avoid compromising network security.