Emergency Preparedness

Prometheus Global provides technical and support services for assistance in emergency planning, training and exercising assistance for government and commercial customers in all fifty states. We have unique disaster preparedness, military, overseas contracting and law enforcement experience to provide the following services:

  • Develop, maintain and update existing emergency action and management plans, policies, and procedures.
  • Conduct requirements analysis to determine what resources are required to meet your risk management needs.
  • Provide expert advice and recommendations on all aspects of emergency planning and management at all levels.
  • Develop, assist and provide related training, education, exercises, and drills to ensure that your employees and visitors have access to resources and facilities that offer safety and security.
  • Develop training materials that outline procedures for emergency situations.
  • Development of monthly bulletins, after action reports and assessments, professional editing and proofreading services and expertise.
  • Support and maintain a comprehensive program for safely sheltering your personnel in the event of an emergency.


When developing an emergency preparedness plan, make sure it includes the following elements:

§ Organizational Policy and Structures are Well Defined

- Inclusion of emergency preparedness policy statement

- Definition of organizational structure with clearly defined chain of command and designated roles and responsibilities (Emergency Coordinator, Emergency Preparedness Planning Team; Alternates and Backups)

§ Emergency Plan Hazards, Risks, and Assets are Identified

- Hazard identification and risk evaluations are elements of the plan i.e., hazard identification, probability estimate, impact analysis, risk evaluation rating)

- Inclusion of asset evaluation

- Assessment of inventory capabilities and resources

- Mitigation planning to minimize risk

§ Readiness Plan

- Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and Emergency Preparedness Team.

- Designation of an Emergency Command Center (including necessary provisions)

- Details establishing emergency communications systems and methods

- Community and Media Relations Plan

- Establishment and details of an evaluation plan and routes, ensuring planning for individuals with disabilities

- Plan for ensuring protection of physical assets

§ Plan for Action

- Appointment of an Emergency Response Coordinator and an Emergency Response Team

- Establishment of policies and procedures to:

§ Activate the Emergency Command Center

§ Receive and process emergency calls and information

§ Alert and warn personnel

§ Engage the Emergency Preparedness Plan (alarms, official notifications, evacuation and shelter plan, personnel accounting

§ Activate alarms, notify officials

§ Close the Senate offices, facilities, etc.

- Incident / action documentation

§ Recovery Plans

- Appointment of an Emergency Response Coordinator and an Emergency Response Team

- Pre-emergency recovery analysis and planning

- Establishment of policies and procedures to:

§ Conduct damage assessment

§ Conduct salvage operations

§ Activate recovery communications

§ Provide employee support

§ Training, Drills, and Exercises

- Conduct pre-training analysis and planning (to prioritize what training is needed)

- Establish policies and procedures for:

§ Employee Training

§ Training Schedules

§ Tests and Drills

§ Orientation and Education Sessions (consideration of Tabletop Exercises, Walk Through Drills, Functional Drills, Evacuation Drills, Full-Scale Exercises)

- Documentation of test activities and results

§ Plan Maintenance

- Annual Plan Audits

§ Identification of areas to update

§ Determine completeness

§ Assess chain of command

§ Evaluation employee knowledge and awareness

§ Assess trigger mechanisms

§ Evaluate inventory resources