Nuclear Cyber Security

Prometheus Global is the worlds premier Nuclear cyber security firm.  Now in our eighth year supporting the US NRC, we have developed the regulatory, inspection and training programs for its Cyber Security regulations ( 10 CFR 73.54) at US Nuclear facilities and supported the US NRCs international programs to include authoring or co-authoring:

  • Regulatory Guide 5.71 "Cyber Security Programs for Nuclear Facilities"
  • NUREG/CR-7141 "The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Cyber Security Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Power Reactors"
  • IAEA Nuclear Security Series No 17 "Computer Security at Nuclear Facilities"
  • Regulatory Guide 5.83 "Cyber Security Event Notifications"

Our firm provides full time support to the US NRCs Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response and has been intimately involved in all cyber security activity at the US NRC, including performing inspections of US Nuclear facilities, developing Safety Evaluation Reports for new reactors, updating multiple Regulatory Guides to include cyber security requirements and new guidance (RG 5.69, RG 5.81, DG 5019, DG 5022), NUREGs, developing cyber security regulations and reviewing new and amended licenses.  Our firm is highly knowledgable and experienced in Nuclear cyber security and regulatory support.  And, unlike other security firms that may specialize in cyber or physical security, we combine our expertise both, bringing our Nuclear physical security, Insider Mitigation Program and Force on Force expertise to bring a full spectrum approach to security.